Monday, June 29, 2009

It's all about...

the S.E.X.

Uh, Stash Enhancement eXperience, that is!

That's what a group of us did this past Saturday on our joint 4BS/SIEGA shopping trip. We went first to Where Victoria's Angels Stitch and then on to The Edwardian Needle. Both stores are amazing and are well worth the visit. In between we stopped at Atlanta Bread for lunch. This is a sandwich, soup and salad place, with fresh bread for sale as well. Luckily, the day stayed sunny, and we shopped the day away.

On the way home, we turned our thoughts to next year. This year was New Jersey. Maybe next year, we'll go to Connecticut or Maryland!



  1. Sorry I missed the trip. I was recovering from Bronchitis, and I don't think anyone would have found my coughing to be conversationally interesting.
    A while back, I searched for stitching stores online & found a few(like the stitching Bee in NJ.) We could do a bit of investigating to see what other places are available locally that no one has ever been to. It could be an adventure in discovery.


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