Sunday, June 14, 2009


Welcome to the brand new blog of the 4 Bridges Stitchers (ANG), the next step on our cyber journey. This blog will serve several purposes –

1. To supplement the newsletter with items or issues that come up between meetings
2. To serve as a temporary chapter website
3. To record our chapter activities and history
4. To document progress on outreaches and group projects.

I hope that everyone will enjoy reading our blog and feel free to leave comments. A blog will be a great way to stimulate and encourage conversation between meetings. Those of us who can’t attend meetings may find this a good way to participate. And please, if anyone would like to write an entry, just let me know and I will post if for you. (Leaving comments doesn’t require any permission, membership on a website, or password, but others will be able to read what you write.) Just click on the word “comments” under this post and let me know what you think of our blog. If you have questions about blogging, this blog, or our chapter, just leave a comment.

AIDS Banner
The other day I had a brain wave about our AIDS banner. To be honest, the squares have been sitting on my craft table since the winter, waiting for inspiration to hit. Work has been stalled on this banner for so long in part because, I think, the design was complicated and not easily sewn together. The squares, which commemorate AIDS victims, were to frame a central panel that would feature a red AIDS ribbon over a map of Staten Island that would in turn be encircled by the name of the group this was for.

After the squares were stitched, work on the banner hit a brick wall. In the mean time, the group’s name changed, and our contact there moved on to another job. The banner was supposed to be something that the group could march behind at parades, so it needed to be big. I think that we should assume that this group may no longer want or need a parade banner. My brain wave involves something much simpler. Since there are twelve squares, I see four rows of three squares each, separated by a strip of fabric. Around the border will be the words, “Staten Island Remembers Those We Have Lost to AIDS.” The letters will be cut out of fabric and appliquéd onto the border after the quilt top, batting, and backing have been put together, thus taking care of quilting the border. The squares will be “stitched in the ditch” or machine quilted in the seam between the square and fabric. On the back we can sew a muslin sleeve or put tabs on the top so that it can be hung in an office or displayed at AIDS events.

I think that this will be the easiest and quickest way to get it done. Let me know what you think.



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